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Covid-19 Information

Tweedguide has been guiding visitors from around the world for over eighteen years, ensuring their fishing on the River Tweed is as enjoyable as possible, in doing this it has gained a fine reputation. 2020, due to Corvid-19, is proving extremely challenging, our most challenging year to date. The restrictions have made it impossible for many of our visitors to travel.


When clients book fishing with Tweedguide, we book and pay for the water and facilities at the time of the booking, this ensures clients have access to the River Tweed, once booked these costs to Tweedguide are not refundable. As such Tweedguide is unable to give refunds on fishings purchased.


We will be endeavouring to find visitors from the UK to fill the places booked by clients from outside the UK and, if this proves successful, Tweedguide will look at the possibility of refunds, however, we cannot offer any guarantees. In addition we can reschedule fishing for future dates, but, due to the system used in Scotland, there would be an additional charges for salmon fishers due to permit costs.


It is for unforeseen reasons like Corvid-19 that we advise clients to ensure their travel insurance covers any losses they might incur. We will do our utmost to help. Please see our terms and conditions


Ensuring you of our very best intentions TweedGuide

Guided Fly Fishing in Scotland on the River Tweed

"1 hour from the centre of Edinburgh to fishing on the Tweed"

“ Guide, instructor, tackle provider and company for the day.
I can’t imagine a more perfect day”

Tamsin Leach (The Independent - UK National Newspaper)

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Fly Fishing Holidays and Breaks in Scotland

Scottish fly fishing trips, breaks or holidays on the River Tweed, for Salmon, Trout or Grayling can be arranged for any period of time you may wish. We are happy to organise a single day or arrange everything for a extended holiday and are happy to create varied and interesting itineraries. A complete package could include fishing for Salmon on one day, on the next day, using different fly fishing methods, fishing for wild brown trout and on the next day fishing for Grayling.

One thing you can be assured of your River Tweed fly fishing experience will be as varied as you wish and you will be in the safe hands of experienced organisers and fishing guides. Tweedguide will provide all the tackle, equipment and protective clothing required. We will recommend suitable, local, quality accommodation and provide the transport required.

Fishing Holidays on the River Tweed in Scotlandbook your fishing trip to the River Tweed in Scotland
Group Fishing trips on the River Tweed in Scotland
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"Tweed Guide. I would tell anyone from any background that has an hour, a day or a week to see them for an out of this world experience."

H. Franz Hostalka (USA Fishing Guide Montana)

Fly Fishing Gift Vouchers for Christmas, Birthdays, Retirements and any Special Occasion

Purchasing a fly fishing gift voucher from Tweedguide can be the perfect gift for the beginner or expert angler. Fly fishing on the River Tweed is a joy and in the hands of our experienced guides, the perfect gift can be arranged.

A Tweedguide fly fishing gift voucher makes a unusual, surprise gift and the experience is tailored perfectly for the receiver. The Gift Voucher can be pre-arranged or left to the recipient to organise.

What we can promise is that we will ensure that the receiver of the fly fishing gift voucher will have a wonderful time Fishing for Salmon, Trout or Grayling on the River Tweed.