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Holding onto the trout

Tweed Guide can collect you from your local hotel (dependant on numbers) or the railway station at Tweedbank which is local to the fishing.


We can recommend taxi services and airport pickups.
For example, on the Tweed, we can arrange transport from Edinburgh to the river bank on a prime beat, where you can experience fly fishing on one of the world's great river systems.

We operate on Scotland's famous River Tweed and tributaries
The River Tweed has its own appeal. For example, the River Tweed is a magnificent trout and grayling river, of world renown. The trout fishing season extends from mid-March to early October. There is no closed season for grayling fishing but grayling fishing is at its absolute best from October to April.

In season we have Sunday river fishing for trout and grayling, a rarity on the River Tweed.

Wherever you are in Southern Scotland Tweed Guide is ideally placed to provide fishing for a day or however long you choose. As one of the premier guiding service throughout Southern Scotland, we combine solid professionalism with our love of fishing.

We cater for all levels of experience and all ages. Individual anglers, large parties and family groups are our daily customers. We will design an experience for your needs.

Before making your booking please see our terms and conditions, in particular, insurance cover, cancellations and postponements

We do it all. You just fish.

Hassle-Free Fishing

We supply high-quality rods, reels, lines, flies, waders, wading jackets, permits/licence and your own guide/instructor.

Please note we do not provide food and drinks you may be able to get this from your hotel or local shops.

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"Reassuringly professional in speed of response and quality of information"

Bruce Uhlhorn.........Queensland, Australia.

Hey I had a great time thanks for all you did for me the guide Alasdair Ash, he was great I enjoyed just hanging out with him once again thanks for a great time

Claud Cox........Texas USA

wild brown trout

A beautiful brown trout on the fly. Fly fishing in Scotland at its best. River wading on the Tweed

Just want to say we had a wonderful time with our guide David. Only one fish and small one, but it was the experience on being on the Tweed River in Scotland. Turns out our guide was also an excellent travel guide too. Thank you both!

George and Mark (USA)

Hi Ron
John was great. Caught browns and juvenile salmon. Also lost a couple of big grayling that pulled hooks. Great experience and learned a lot despite tough conditions with weather and wind.

Christopher Boggs........................TAMPA Florida USA

Grayling Fishing on the River Tweed

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Philip had a spectacular time, an experience of a lifetime
Thank you for sorting this very special present out for me which exceeded all of his expectations!

Jacqui Twine - Sussex, UK

Thank you for an excellent first fishing experience for Richard and Charles.
They tell me it was a super day and Dave was an excellent teacher.
I think you'll be seeing them again soon!

Rachel...........West Linton

Every day January to December we help over 800 guests a year fulfil their fly fishing dreams in Scotland.

Waders, flies, equipment, permits, and one of our team of experienced guides are provided... you just fish.

If trout and grayling are your passion come join us on the river.

Guide - Ghillie - Instructor .. what is the difference?

The guide is now the most commonly used term although the number of trout guides in Scotland is fairly small but growing in number.

At Tweed Guide, we have provided river fly fishing guiding for almost 20 years. Another guide said last year. " Tweed Guide .. you are the Daddy of guiding companies in Scotland". We think it was a compliment or maybe he just meant that we are mainly in our 50s and 60s!

A Good Ghillie or Boatman

In our opinion in almost all cases a ghillie in salmon fishing on the Tweed and many rivers is employed by the owner of a stretch of river (beat).

The beat ghillie should always have excellent local knowledge. Their expertise on that particular "beat" should mean that they know exactly where salmon are likely to be and how to reach them. This is still no guarantee of success but never underestimate it. As an employee of the owner of the fishing they may also be encouraged to assist in some instruction on casting. They may not. The beat ghillie may be a superb fisher and/or caster or again he/she may not be. The beat ghillie may also have other sporting or ground and building maintenance duties. Again and particularly on the most prestigious stretches the beat ghillie may concentrate exclusively on looking after the guest.

A boatman is a ghillie who takes a guest fishing in the river in a boat. This is a tough and skilled job. The "beat" ghillie may assist 2 - 10 fishers each, which means that the time given to each fisher varies . They may give most time to the fisher who books most fishing or who tips best or they may give their time to the guest who needs most help. Crucially a beat ghillie may or may not be around to help you land or net your fish. Again the number of guests fishing and weight of other duties will influence whether they can be on hand. Some beats have no ghillie.

Ghillie who is not a "beat" ghillie. Some beats allow you to take on your own ghillie who should perform all the above and who may or may not have local knowledge. Many discourage this. Tweed Guide has spent over 10 years building strong relationships with stretches on the Tweed System. If the beat ghillie does not want us on their stretch with you we will not book the beat. Your enjoyment and relaxation are uppermost. The last thing you need is hassle. It is our job to make that go away.

Personality ( ghillies and guides)

We believe that ghillies and guides should be positive but realistic, encouraging, understanding, knowledgeable and above all committed to ensuring that you have a good time. If that sounds like a social worker then we have gone too far but the ghillie’s ability to read people is almost as important as their ability to read the river.

If you want solitude or company as you fish or anything in between the good ghillie or guide senses that and ensures that you get it. Some fishing magazines seem to delight in the image of the rude and abnoxious stereotype of a Scots ghillie. We think this is an insult. Where such "characters" exist it may be seen as quaint or amusing. If that is what you want to experience Tweed Guide cannot help you. Service does not mean servility or a fawning toadie at your side but most people (apart from in dark clubs in the city we understand) do not enjoy paying to be insulted. Tweed Guide’s team and most beat ghillies know that and act accordingly.


A guide should be able to work with you wherever you are fishing. The guide is there to look after you.

Trout, Grayling, Salmon and Sea Trout we are passionate about our fishing.

They need not be a world-class fisher in our opinion. In life, the number of world-class anything that we experience is fairly small. Being world-class does not always match with the ability to relate to clients. (See personality above)

The successful guide will do everything to avoid fishing with you unless you beg him or her to. Even then it is a mistake. The successful guide is only interested in you achieving and experiencing what you want. He cannot guarantee success because this is fishing. He should do everything in his power to make your day "just right". The guide or instructor who wants to spend half the day fishing or casting while you watch is a waste of your time and money.

In the case of Tweed Guide, we believe that being a successful guide is also ensuring that you have the right gear. Tweed Guide provides all equipment whether you have your own or not.

First, this means that you have the right gear (see fishing rods lines etc) In our experience about a quarter of guests who have "all the gear" discover that they do not when they arrive. The person with unlimited money who has bought a rod which is designed for a very experienced angler is then in the same position as the guest with the "length of rubber hose" or rigid "telegraph pole" or indeed any rod that is simply too short. Their day is going to be a poorer experience than it should be.

With Tweed Guide, you will always have a balanced appropriate set of good quality gear and it is your guide’s responsibility with Tweed Guide to make sure that is taken care of. Our guide makes sure that you have the right waders … we have a good range of sizes.

Wading staff, glasses and if required are the basis of safe sensible fishing. I still hear, "Aye wading staffs are for women" and stand appalled while 2-inch brass tubes hurtle across faces with no protection for eyes. Such nonsense is unforgivable. It is your life and your eyes.

The guide is not always an instructor but will assist with your casting. His aim, however, is to get you fishing productively and quickly. The ideal scenario with Tweed Guide guides for beginners is a 1-2 hour session on the river the night before your first day with one of our instructors and then your guide working with you and encouraging you all the next day. Such ideal scenarios do not always happen however and they are not essential.

Finally, at Tweed Guide we try to ensure that your guide has you on the best piece of the river for your skill, wading ability, geographic and transport limitations, time of year and of course your budget. That is not easy but since 20% of Tweed Guide clients come back to us the next year, even in an unreliable sport as salmon fishing, we believe we do alright. Your testimonials also help and enable us to fine-tune every year.


Instructors teach you how to cast. This may be on the water. A good instructor concentrates on you (see personality above) A bad instructor is a demonstrator who forgets that you are there. A small minority of instructors also instruct while you fish. Tweed Guide’s instructors’ work in this way once they have taught you the basics of casting.

Teaching on the river is tougher and less well paid work than casting instruction alone but we like it. So will you. Casting instruction on its own is however something we recommend.

Tweed Guide staff go to other instructors to fine tune and work on their own casting. We believe that this kind of refresh is crucial for us to continue to develop and maintain our skills. If you do the same it will only improve your fishing experience.

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