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Grayling Fly Fishing School

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Brown Trout Fly Fishing School

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"1 hour from the centre of Edinburgh to fishing on the Tweed"

“ Guide, instructor, tackle provider and company for the day.
I can’t imagine a more perfect day”

Tamsin Leach (The Independent - UK National Newspaper)

Fishing Holidays

Fishing trips, breaks or holidays can be arranged for any period of time you may wish, from a single day to a number of weeks. One thing you can be assured of your experience will be as varied as you may require.

Fishing Holidays on the River Tweed in Scotlandbook your fishing trip to the River Tweed in Scotland
Group Fishing trips on the River Tweed in Scotland
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"Tweed Guide. I would tell anyone from any background that has an hour, a day or a week to see them for an out of this world experience."

H. Franz Hostalka (USA Fishing Guide Montana)

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