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Nothing could be easier

.We offer a fly fishing gift experience to remember. A fly fishing gift certificate is a perfect, personal and unique Christmas or birthday gift to give to the fisher in your life. Your fly fishing day with Tweedguide will be a great and memorable experience regardless of whether the fish are biting.
We are an established and experienced provider of fly fishing on the River Tweed in the south of Scotland for both trout and grayling, salmon and sea trout. We provide all equipment, permits and guide/instructor.
Once payment is received we will send a customized certificate, which will include a personalized message to your loved one. The recipient of the certificate can then contact us to agree on a fishing date

An experience that they'll never forget

From absolute beginner to fishing fanatic we have the ideal gift.

Birthday Christmas Retirement Father’s Day or simply to say Thank You

Tweed Guide Fly Fishing Certificates are the perfect solution.

The gift recipient can contact Tweed Guide and make their own choice.

They can simply call us and we will:

"Absolutely loved it ,one of best presents ever, money well spent
A huge thanks for all the care and time taken"

Joan Slight Edinburgh

A Gift Certificate for the Fisher
Who Has Everything!

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Fly Fishing Tokens are available in the following values:-

or enter your own amout in British Pounds (GBP):-

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All Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase

Full day salmon fishing price of £374.40 for one person applies to fishing up to the end of August. After August the prices of permits start to rise as we get to peak season.

When a salmon gift voucher is purchased, Tweedguide will buy a permit on your behalf from the riparian owner, as the season progresses into September October and November the prices start to rise

Funding can be added for salmon fishing after the end of August if fishing is required in September October November or if additional fishers wish to come and fish

The trout fishing vouchers remain the same price through-out the year